About Us

Ethiopia with its unique geology is rapidly rising among the ranks of preciouss stones producing and exporting countries in Africa. Mining for precious stones like Ethiopian Opal and Amethyst is increasingly becoming a great source of income for miners in the remote regions of the country. This is a time of huge transformation for the Ethiopian large-scale mining sector, with the relatively recent discovery of new deposits of platinum, tantalite, soda ash and phosphate rock in addition to the already great potential of gold. The government of Ethiopia has made development of the country’s mineral wealth one of its leading economic objectives – it wants to generate 10% GDP from the mining sector within the next decade.

DIL Commercials with number of years experience in the export business has taken this initiative to work with number of these minors in order to cut, polish and export the beautiful stones. Now, with number of years in the business, the company is slowly but surely becoming one of the affluent processor, supplier and exporter of Gem Stones in Ethiopia.

Why Us


Each Stone is meticulously processed by our experienced professionals using cutting-edge machines and slicing technologies.


Due to our excellent finish, smooth edges and high clarity, our stones are ideal for making exquisite jewellery. We offer premium quality precious stones such as Cubic Zirconia, Red and Green Garnet, Ethiopian Opal among others.


We have extensive experience in the export business and can accommodate our client’s requirement without any hustle. Contact us and let us show you how we do business.